Captain Kaon – PC Review

KHHHAAANNNN!!!! Or at least that was my first thought upon seeing the title “Captain Kaon”. While I have no idea about the pronunciation of the titular captain’s name, there’s definitely that old feeling of nostalgia floating around in Captain Kaon.

Captain Kaon has you taking control of Kaon, a supposedly insubordinate space captain who has been let out of prison/the brig because of understaffing issues. I’ll be perfectly honest here, I had no idea what the heck was going on with the backstory until I checked out the Steam store page. As far as I could tell beforehand, something exploded and a bunch of spaceships left Earth. Which was oddly devoid of music. Either way, present day Kaon is apparently the only person left competent enough to pilot a tiny spaceship through narrow corridors in order to retrieve resources necessary to continue operations and fight off invaders/rebels. Thankfully the storyline isn’t particularly necessary to enjoy the game.

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