Memorable Music in Gaming #31

Mother 3 (SNES) – Natural Killer Cyborg

I’m one of the perhaps 5 people on the planet who doesn’t passionately love the Mother/Earthbound series. Before you start hurling tomatoes, let me just say that I did enjoy the series – but only just. I mean, the hit-and-miss, absurd humour and eccentric boss battles are entertaining, and I acknowledge most of it is ironic and deliberate, but I’m afraid I’m just not the intended audience. Not enjoying the gameplay and narrative as deeply as required doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the music as much… far from it. Though this is the first time any track from the Mother series is making an appearance in MM, expect a good number to follow in future articles.

Until then, enjoy this rocking and surprisingly catchy tune that has some of the best drum beats I’ve heard in my life. If you don’t find yourself bopping your head 3 seconds in, you need to reset and try again.

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