Memorable Music in Gaming #28

This edition of Memorable Music in gaming comes pretty full circle in a lot of ways. One of our earliest editions was back in March of 2016, when Nick was getting all ramped up for the release of Final Fantasy X, and he picked favorite songs from that particular game. We revisit Final Fantasy X with one of those tunes here, but also pull from the rich collection of Final Fantasy games to reflect on other favorites from the series.

Final Fantasy VIII (PC) – Waltz for the Moon

FF VIII was the first FF game I ever played in my life, when I was about 12. For a kid whose only exposure to any semblance of story-telling in video games had been the incoherent, barely-glued-together “narratives” of Wolfenstein 3D and Rise of the Triad, everything about FF VIII hit like a rain of bullets. Enemy encounters were exciting, the boss battles naturally even more so; the characters interesting, their dialogues and backstories believable and relatable; and the music unlike anything I’d ever heard bef

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