Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel – PS4 Review

A Veritable Rush of Superb Mechanics and an Insufficiency of Game Modes.

I enjoy anime. I adore 2D fighting games. And I’ve read through some fantastic visual novels during my lifetime of comedic peasantry, yet somehow, I didn’t know what I was jump-kicking into when my Editor-in-chief requested a reviewer for Nitroplus Blasterz. Eyeballing the title, I figured I’d be scaling the treacherous cliffs of K2’s Magic Line with a canister of nitro on my back, blasting away ice sheets so as to expose and recover my lost lover’s frozen corpse, and dragging it down to base camp before the ghost of Bill Paxton stabs my bundled heroine with an empty syringe. But instead of a supernatural gaming sequel to the tragic family rescue film Vertical Limit (Vertical Limit II: Mountain’s Infinite Explosion!!!), I discovered, with a search engine powered by inquisitiveness, an attractive fighting game with a roster of sweet yet aggressive ladies, who originate from a variety of Nitroplus properties and v

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