M.A.G 2 In Development For PS4 (Rumor)

Michael Barton Wants to remake MAG For the PS4. He told his fans on twitter that he wants to hire people to be on a dev team to help him remake Mag for the PS4, later on tweeting “I need a Studio for my dev team.”

He even said we will need $200,000 to buy the Mag MAG engine, Havok(game physics) off Sony and the license and rights to recreate M.A.G 2 For the Playstation 4. Later after that he even said that he will make Mag 2 free to play and have in game purchases and wants to make add on maps every 3 months for the game.

Sver, Raven and Valor will have their own weapons, gear, vehicles and maps. He won’t make it dumb like Mag! Why would Sver defend Ravens territory? No more defending Ravens territory. Only defend your territory an attack your enemy territory. We want to start production of Mag 2 now. On January 28th the MAG servers finally went down and we are no longer able to play. MAG: Massive Action Game was an online multiplayer-only first-person shooter, developed by Zipper Interactive for the PlayStation 3. What we wanna do is buy the MAG engine, Havok(game physics) off Sony and the license and rights to recreate M.A.G 2 For the Playstation 4. Not only that, we want to make M.A.G 2 Free to play.

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  • Lisa

    Are you serious??? Is there really coming a MAG 2?? Omg!!!

    • Scude2

      How can I help!!!
      I’d love to see mag on ps4
      Honestly, I bought the console
      And I barely use it. Everything felt bad
      After Jan 28th 🙁

  • Rick Rod

    The only reason i bough a sp3 was because i fall in love with the game [MAG] and i try many war games but in my opinion MAG was a very complex war game like no other. i know many people will look forward to see the greatest kick ass war game MAG 2 on ps4

    • mikeetoo96

      Yeah MAG was the best game I have ever played! I would totally buy it on PS4

  • Maggot

    What is this Michael Barton Twitter handle or is this just 1 epic troll because the mag community is buzzing right now.

    • rayadoss


  • Brandon

    Kickstarter will fund the heck out of this, it has over funded many paper & dice RPGS and table top war games. I sure it can get the money no problem.

  • VL$

    I would give this 2 thumbs up but i_have-nothumbs

  • Duncan

    Shut up and take my Money!

  • Loe420

    Let’s get this going!! I would love to see a Beta by early next year!

  • U_lose_ ha_ha

    Free To Play But Charge The Heck Out Of You For Weapon Ok 514 Fail

    • mikeetoo96

      I hope that it wont be like dust 514

  • Scude2

    I really don’t see any free to play to make success Just look at 514 and am kind of sure the same will happen to planet side 2
    The game should be purchased but the most important thing is to make sure it gets all kind of updates and fixes and of course expansions that would keep the game long live. But how can our message reach through!

    • Robert Reynolds

      If the game is free, more people would try it. I think if it was a free download for the first 2 months for the MAG community. Paying for DLC map packs mess up que like escalation. After MAG players get the free download, charge $20 and come out with weapon and gear packs every 3 months for $9.99.

  • Fly Like a G6

    This would be awesome!

  • mikeetoo96

    OOOH yeessssss MAG 2 on PS4 for the win!

  • Josh Mulcahy

    Ok so where is the kickstarter and TAKE MY MONEY!


    This would be outstanding.Im going through MAG withdrawals.Im playing BF4 and it doesn’t compare…Please bring back MAG

    • mikeetoo96

      Bf4 is worse than MAG

  • Hooligantuan

    Map neutralization was good for the game – it full doubled the ways each PMC could play the maps; 1Defense+2Attack scenarios versus the neutralized 3Defense+3Attack.

    Zipper was just lazy about its implementation; a foreign PMC should have been defending a vandalized/restructured/garrisoned version of the normal map.

  • Lee

    https://www.kickstarter.com/ Try doing the M.A.G 2 thing here?

    • mikeetoo96

      yeah we should!

    • mikeetoo96

      But I dont know if anybody can start one

  • Jorge Ribeiro

    i bought ps3 just for playing mag, and would do the same with ps4

  • Dogsport

    yes start it up, it will fly

  • Gwynhvar2

    I would sell a kidney to see MAG 2

  • Grantura Brown

    MAG was the best game I have ever played. Please buy the rights for the Havoc engine and fire it up on PS4

    • mikeetoo96

      yeah I agree!

  • tueda

    MAG is the only FPS that has been widely accepted in Japan.
    You should create MAG2 If you want to capture the Japanese market.

  • Braeger

    I want this so so bad. The game was ahead of it’s time…I truly, TRULY hope this is able to happen…

  • Anon

    My fiancé and I used to love to play mag each night instead of watching tv and even bought a whole second console to play mag together, so I’m super excited to hear its coming back!! More sniper spots!!

  • Pretzel40k

    I hate in game transactions but I understand that making it free to play will encourage more players. How about a happy middle ground. Free for a month and then a subscription. In the end though I don’t care if it costs me both my legs. If MAG 2 came out I wouldn’t need them any more.

  • Junior Rogers

    i have $100.25 to start

  • Anthony Cooper

    I would help


    I have 5000 $ to star . We wite

    • Sir39

      Hi, S-K-A-D-A

      5000 only will bring the menu and some weapons for S.A.V.R because are cheap lol but good job bro!


  • Sanchez

    Who is Michael Barton? His Twitter has like 7 tweets. This is fake! Long Live MAG

    • mikeetoo96

      his name reminds me something…

  • Jarad Prahler

    yeah right if it was happening mag 1 would be back online first t draw in crowd again the mag 2 only pn psn for os3&4

  • Sir39

    Hello, MAG fans!

    To be honest I prefer MAG 1 back as it was, also not free to see how many people they love it.
    I’m sure you will get benefits from it ;).

    My ID is ( sir39 )

  • Matheu islas

    I agree with the others, just rebuild MAG 1 and add some weapons, armor and more maps but keep it as it was for the gamers , WE NEED OUR MAG BACK!!!! (no more lags or aimbot) -bk_ops_13 SVER veteran 6 times Clan TNT <3

  • luca5854

    Is it still alive ???

    • mikeetoo96

      you mean the rumor?

  • Sumthin-VICIOUZ

    Add more weapon attachments and different pistols more AR’s SMG’s Shotguns and Sniper Rifles with more camos and even weapon camos
    Keep the same armor setup and gameplay take off suppresion and fix the LAG

  • FiLtHy-ThE_DaWg

    This is a hoax

  • karaage_tabeyo-

    hi everyone

    • mikeetoo96

      Hi, I remember meeting you on the battlefield

  • Holyghost

    Mag ruined lots of lives the hell with it

  • Holyghost

    But I agree keep it original
    If it does resurrect it self

  • Defekt Iv

    not do an upgrade because of MAG for the ps3.
    the game shareable with ps3 and ps4 updates and put in the place on the ps4 ps3. that would be like MAG 2., or other serious option enabled servers and put MAG updates every 3 months and would put DLC for the game and buy them.

  • Jake

    Why make in-game purchases? I would rather buy the game full, instead of having annoying gun rentals for 3 days.

    • Jeremy

      To keep the servers up, more income here and there as people want stuff instead of 60 dollars flat. Thats why F2P last longer.

  • FiLThY-ThE_DaWG

    This is horseshite … Zipper went bust, sony ain’t interested in games that have a hardcore of followers it wants to sell you suckers new games every few months .. Like *spit COD which is basically just a paintball game. Nothing will ever replace MAG … Whoever invented MAG I have one thing to say … I love you

    • christopher j cross

      Filthy wow broski. I agree who ever made this hall of fame game. I love u guys… if this rumor is true about a comeback, please invite me for a beta test. And all u raven n sevr clowns, I hate ya’ll but I miss the shit outta cuttin your asses!!!

  • MAZz MohAmMD

    no freaking way i’m so excited.i was waiting for such a news.

  • Eflowrae

    YES this is what I have been waiting for and the game might be free to play makes it 10x better

  • HEADmedz

    I NEED THIS NOWWWWW! The FPS fans are ready for this

  • j1325

    MAG!!!!!!!!!!! About someone bring this up.hope this is true

  • j1325

    About time someone started talking bout MAD again I meant

  • MikeNightmare TPU

    I fucken miss MAG

    • christopher j cross

      Mike u aint lyin brother.

    • Holiday

      You said it. Major depression since SONY screwed us. Won’t touch PS3 anymore.


  • valr

    M.A.G. was the shit. It was so bad ass from beginning to end. BF4 is close. But I would still be playing Mag now if the servers were still running. Some of these software companies are stupid. I want a MAG2 for PS4

  • christopher j cross

    Im factoryx420, “valor only”player that ran w the suicidal killers… please bring this game back. Why is sony so arrogant not to keep servers running for a game that has such a high demand to b played still. I miss sayin “u got cut” to fools id knife in matches and the enemy would actually hear it n talk smack back. The best team based fps ever. REALLY SONY, REALLY. I HATE XBOX!!! SONY!!! LISTEN TO YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS.. ID PAY 40.00 BUCKS A YEAR TO KEEP PLAYING MAG. I ACTUALLY STILL HAVE FRIENDS ON FB THAT I MET PLAYING. PRICELESS oldschoolgotcha, germanhowitzer, twistedtorment, haroldf1. Shots out to the rest of u guys. Hey raven lose the spandex, and sver u cheatin bastards. Lol factory is known for 65+knife kills in games, armylad, huxl23, whatup. “U got cutt, oh u got cut too!!! Dont cry play better” lol. The best game ever.

    • twistedtorment

      i agree factory its good to see you by the way if they make this happen we can go back to dominating everyone i miss my 90 kill or more games S*k will rule again

  • pgrboyz


  • Jon Wilson

    As of now I’m on the fence as to whether or not I’m going to get a next gen system or just play on PC. An official announcement for this game would be reason for me to go buy a PS4 without hesitation. I used to spend hours upon hours playing this game as a Raven Sniper. (I was actually in the top 4 percent of snipers according to the in game stats.) This was hands down the best game I’ve ever played, and I was playing right up until the moment the servers shut down and kicked me out of a domination game. This sequel needs to happen.

  • Heuskal

    O.I.C forever! Bring back mag our entire clan wants it back and would definitely upgrade to nexT gen console for it.

  • NazareeM

    MAGELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really need my mag fix :0 if only i wos a filthy rich mofo or like that guy that remade wasteland 2 Djeezes were those rich people when you need them

  • Dennis

    Please! Make this happend Sony! I miss this game so much!!!

  • Aelister Lowery

    I have no plans to buy any next gen console as of right now. MAG is one of my favorite games of all time and if they release MAG2 I feel I would buy a ps4


    I’m down with MAG2…make it happen!




  • heraldo

    MAG the best multiplayer. Forever!! Come BAck MAG…Please..I
    love you..rsrsrsr

  • alpo

    complete fucking morons at SONY. the greatest war game ever created and they killed it. they spend tons of money on bulllshit games every day. when will these fucks at sony realize MAG was the wave of the future for console combat.
    256 players, the carnage was beautiful. you look up at the sky in the heat of a domination battle and see choppers zipping around, fighter jets strafing, paratroopers dropping in. streams of gunfire and rockets shooting up into the sky , it would bring a tear to your eye. the closest experience to large scale combat. SONY , MAG 2 IS YOUR FUTURE, DO NOT FUCK THIS UP AGAIN.

    • Click Click

      Sony didn’t just kill MAG, they killed Zipper, the legendary devs that brought us SOCOM and MAG. Now that Zipper is gone, nobody has taken their place as an innovative developer that makes addictive shooters. I refuse to buy a PS4 unless MAG and/or SOCOM is back on it.

      MAG was ahead of its time and didn’t get enough marketing muscle behind it to push it to enormous success. It also had a horrible launch, due to Zipper being rushed by Sony to release it before it was ready. The game was plagued with bugs and balance issues, which caused people to not ever try it out. However, with each month came massive improvements. Eventually, MAG became an all-time great… that only a small amount of player got to experience and enjoy.

      I really do hope that someone can bring back the magic of MAG onto PS4 or even another platform like PC. No game has been able to recreate the adrenaline, teamwork, addictive, and epic nature of MAG. Not even Planetside 2.

      • alpo

        But i wonder did SONY kill zipper ? i blame them because they didnt help when zipper was down tey just left em for dead pretty much. I think think zipper fucked up bigtime with SOCOM. MAG was going good at this point but they put all their egs in the SOCOM basket thinking it was going be a bigger hit than MAG. precious resources devoted to SOCOM, infact most all the resources, MAG sufffered and this became the downfall of MAG because when SOCOM flopped it was all over for zipper. poor bastards.Sony didnt do anything to help but why should they i guess. Anyways , i heard SONY still owns the rights and can kick this thing up anytime they wish and cement there place as number 1 for PS4 in the online shooters. bf and cod would be shitting in their pants, but they dont want to i guess , they ust cant see the vision, the vision that they themselves creates but abandoned.

        Agreed MAG was way ahead of its time and didnt get any of the publicity , awareness or respect it deserved for marketing, I bought my PS3 for MAG. I pretty much hated xbox and still do so i wasnt gaming until i heard about MAG for PS3 ,256 people online combat man i thought now this is the way a shooter should be played. that was around maybe 4 months after it came out so i seen the monthly download improvements. the way they set the game up made you take allegiance with one of the three factions, it really gave a feeling of belonging tried to enforce that team spirit. the contracts, ingenius , the factions fighting to see whose top dog. setup was excellent for the 256 battle. company with 4 platoons and 4 squads in each platoon, OIC platoon leaders and squad leaders, a sense of leadership with tactic asssets and airpower capabilities. to the chat network which was also ingenius. coordinating with other suads and platoons was possible and with the OIC for tactical assets . they did the weapons kind of weird tho they had real guns in there but gave them game world names , whatever legal issue was there i dont know . loadout anything and alwyas a pistol or pdw backup. frag grenades , smoke and my personal favourite poison gas grenades. a defending platoon leader had a poison gas bombardment as one of his TAC assets and it was fucking awesome lol. watch the enemy suck in that gas while you mow them down .

        SONY needs to seee this webpage.

  • Nick

    Dust and Destiny both suck ! I would.rather pay and play MAG then these stupid new games! I saw MAG for sale at walmart the other day 11 months after servers down! Lol Sony we want MAG

  • Kevin Sutherland

    Ahhhhh, this would b great… I m iss Valor and muh clan… WraithShadowGuard…WSG… R.I.P MAG…

  • Jewelskickinass

    Can someone start the campaign. Figure out the cost and start a fundraiser. I’m sure many people will chip in to make this happen. Someone just needs to lead it.

  • import69

    Just awesome news, loved the 1st one and it would actually make me swap from xbox one to ps4, lets hope!

  • disqus_MFOzpQ4sMR

    Please, make it happen. BF4 is laggy crappy !
    Make MAG live !

  • Vic

    MAG got me through college. I miss the ACTION!!!!! Amazing game 256 players on one map. PlayStation, How the FUCK does a game like MAG!!!!!! die? I’ll give money. Somebody bring it back!

  • Donavan Lewis

    Seryi Volk Executive Response – We need it, and we will get it!

  • Flagada_84


  • Jack Boyer

    Guys as the M.A.G community we will have to unite back together to help the devs get back into business because im getting sick of battlefield and other games i think if we can pull this off MAG will be better then ever so let raise money get that title and give it back to it rightful owners

  • James Bonds

    pro clan back in action. long live the goat. lets go sver
    lol clan can kiss my ass

    • Brandon Beighley

      Being a former officer of PRO I approve of this message lol. I used to go by Crash1332. Sort of lost contact when you guys moved to dust.

  • Combat Soldier

    fuck the pro clan lmao.. sver is for noobs. raven is the real players!!! MAG 2 is needed , WORLDWIDE MAG PRIDE!!

    • James Bonds

      mad bc we kicked your ass with duck tape

      • Combat Soldier

        and overpowered AK’s? part of the reason why the game didnt survive… all the whiners would complain about ravens guns being too good, and then zipper kept fucking with the weapons for people who didnt even stick around…. game had so much potential too if only losers who play cod could have seen the epicness of 256 players in one match.. Now if mag 2 could be created with the destruction and weapons capabilities of battlefield and military structure setup that MAG had with say 300 player battles , now that would be game right there.

        • James Bonds

          overpowerd no. every faction had their strengths and weaknesses. sevr had strong guns but accuracy sufferd. raven had accuracy and rate of fire however no power. valor was adveradge in all aspect when it comes to wepons. this is what made it fun. you had to adapt. what made sevr so good is we worked together, used stratgey, and actually tried to keep people off the ground. (this is in refernce to my clan) I worked in all 3 factions. valor had no one that wanted to work together and no one worked together, raven had a couple clans that were cool but a majority of them didnt really do much. the cod fans and bf fans is what fucked us up. always crying bc they dont have aim assists anymore like traction and quick sight. all the noobs were used to being able to quickscope and they bitched bc people that actually knew how to play and blasted them away. so cry cry cry and bitch. I will admit tho that its hard to get going at first but o well you didnt just haft to kill people. hell I was a full time medic till I got my berings together and got my stats up.
          I hope she comes back. I support all mag professionals, I suport all mag players that stuck in. I also think zipper droped out bc playstation had the contract with cod and wanted to get as much as they could through the bullshit fanboys and people that buy shit just because of a name. I am no fanboy. I support what I like and if I dont like the next game in the line up I will say so

          • Combat Soldier

            no not at first , at first it was fairly even . svers guns had a little more power but that was fine . then they took it a step too far and gave them even more power but also reduced the power of ravens guns , double hit. i really dont care im just using this as an example of all of zippers constant screw ups. to bogus new game modes to ridiculous dlc’s. in the end it didnt matter what faction you fought for because all the maps were running for anyone on anyside there was no realism , no more factions it became cod bf esque with just 30 people randomly fighting eachother . are you saying im cry cry cry and bitching? ill have you know i started my MAG career in sver and that will always have been my mag home, so i could see exactly for myself how powerful the weapons were and became and sver clans never admit because they dont want to.but im an ex sver guy so i know how it changed. eventually i went to raven because i just liked everything about them better. also svers maps were easier to defend. the think i like about raven was the high tech modernness. from weapons to maps. you look at raven facilities and there all concrete with paved roads everything is modern. there was actually a network of concrete tunnels under ravens oil pump facilites in the domination map, i thought that shit was epic. everything was good until they kept fucking with the weapons in my opinion. i agree with u the bf and cod fans fucked it up i been saying that from the start these idiots dont know a good game if it smacks them in the face. the game was really hard at first and if you were on your own even harder i think another reason why many dropped out. so many different aspects that made this game great.

            i feel the game was a living breathing entity at first and more and more it became robotic and automated machine type same routine, not enough attention from the developer to make it greater and greater.i used to talk of 500 player domination matches when i played thats how much i loved it. i also hold the record in that game for most kills with one airstrike to the best of my knowledge , 31 kills. were talking 1 strike cluster bomb not a 3 run fighter jet strafing run and another killing 18 people consecutively with 1 lmg clip 100 rounds just mowing these fuckers down as they entered the objective to name a few…so i know my MAG battle tactics pretty well thanks. i eventually played with a few clans on raven and started my own, AAA clan, i tasked it with taking out AAA guns all over the domination maps lol , had many ribbons. and that was before they noobified the achievements. instead of blow 3 bunkers or AAAs it became 1, another noobification alongside nerfing the weapons . btw I first posted here with my nick alpo you can see it a few lines down, someones been replying me so i replied.
            good day to you sir.

          • James Bonds

            I feel you there man. there were some things I will never admit and I played way before mag 2.0 revision came out. I played back before the red line and when you could snipe with a shotgun. I played up until everyone droped out. I very well remember the AAA clan as you and your clan were a great adversary. this is what Iainly miss. this shit talking, the clan wars, and the people that made the game so great. the play format was crazy thorough and the stat system was amazing. loved how they weighed out the outfits and loadouts. id like to see this as a vr set up. talk about adrenaline pumping action on a masive scale. I give you much respect as a mag player and (proud to say this about this game) fanboy.

          • Combat Soldier

            before the red line yup, and also there was gas masks available to deal with the gas that was cool too. thank you i suppose i would be a fanboy of it i did buy a PS3 for it. its almost shocking this happened and hasnt been made right yet… those cod bf clowns are holding MAG down, MAG could be even bigger and better. the truth is those clowns that play cod and bf just couldnt handle this much action. they are overwhelmed , they suck and they need to change their diapers.. I Challenge all the cod bf clowns to jump on this MAG ship and help bring the epicness back to us all. unless they are too afraid and need diaper changes…

  • uk soldier

    We need get funds together and get this game bk in action fast

  • slapnurhappy

    This needs to happen Mag is the best online game I have ever played. None have come close to it don’t understand why they have not made a mag 2 yet. Way past do don’t make me play call of duty enymore please make it happen. I stopped playing my ps3 when mag went down. Now I have a ps4 and there is nothing worth playing

  • The Artist

    Mag was amazing and needs to come back. Keq was the best. We murdered sver we’re still on every shooter. Keqonline.com. bring mag back

  • Toxicbluebubble

    MAG was the best fps game I have ever played, this really needs to happen. MAG was amazing, not like cod, it was different. Really special, it would mean so much for me if MAG came back… 🙁 RIP MAG

  • Daniel solares

    Yes it’s the best idea I love mag I miss so much no other game like mag so big

  • mag rip maybe

    Mag was a great game, one that didn’t deserve to be shut down… I could think of tons of other crappie games that they keep alive, why did this have to go! I heard the reason but I didn’t think it was good anof

  • Combat Soldier

    MAG 2 for PS4 , how has sony not thought of this yet?? MAKE IT A BUNDLE!!!!! how many people would buy it ??? MASSIVE ACTION SALES SONY!!! i would go buy a PS4MAG2 bundle tomorrow if it was there. cod is so fn lame man, nd battefield just doesnt have large player battles. miss being able to talk to every single person in the game , and talk shit to your enemys too.

  • rich

    DUDE a suggestion would be to put this on kickstarter. you can get the funding you need and then some. i dont see any reason why people would fund this rebirth

  • rich

    typo. i dont see a reason why people wouldnt fund this rebirth

  • R*S – Ao~ – Vl$ – |)L Veteran

    Mag was amazing and deserves to come back. To this day, all of us original and new mag players still talk and message each other. Clans that started on Mag went to many different games, but the core founders are still playing together. Mag created a community and to this day, we all agree that this game needs to come back!

    • Click Click

      I used to be in R*S and was one of the leaders of the clan. I miss MAG so much. Never moved onto PS4 but I would buy a PS4 in a heartbeat if they made a MAG 2. What a shame Zipper died, along with SOCOM and MAG.

      • Hooligantuan

        Zipper earned its shutdown. MAG deserves to live on, however.

  • FiLtHy-ThE_DaWg

    I too have never played another game since they killed MAG…. And there is not a day that goes by, that I do not think about it ..

  • Tanker67

    If you all are serious about MAG, let me know and post your interest in it on here. The first step would be to contact the devs that designed the game. I need help and can’t to this alone. We need to have people that don’t quit and are willing to take some rresponsibility. If enough people are interested I will post my email on here and we can correspond. I am willing to take this on but like I said, I will need help.

  • Infamous159

    This needs to happen MAG was my favorite game on PS3 I probably put over 200 hours into it. This would make my yea

  • noname

    Please check out the following post on the PlayStation Forum: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Now/MAG-on-PlayStation-Now/td-p/44923013

    It seems to me like MAG can be streamed on PS4 through PlayStation Now. That is, if Sony decides to make the game available through monthly subscription. Like most MAG fans I have come to the realization that MAG 2 will not be developed anytime soon for PS4. The most viable way for Sony to enable us to play MAG is by making it available through PlayStation Now! Some of you have heard of H-Hour being in development, but it’s more like SOCOM, and is not the same thing as MAG. We should focus on letting Sony let us stream MAG on PlayStation now. Hopefully this can prompt them to develop MAG 2 eventually. I am against F2P game models like Planetside 2. Unless there is a better way to create a F2P for MAG 2, I will be firmly opposed to it, even though I would probably play it. Our MAG Community is strong, and we can become stronger if we can reach out to our Worldwide MAG Fans. I like to think that in other parts of the world where gamers speak different languages are also speaking about and posting about MAG as well. If there are any Players that are multi-lingual, please get people to post in favor of MAG everywhere that you can on the Internet (Sony PlayStation Now Forum, other Gaming Forums like this one, and Reddit Forums). We need to reach out to everybody in North America, South America, Greater Europe (UK, France, Germany, Turkey, etc.), Asia (including Japan, Australia, and New Zealand), also Greenland, and the African Continent. Please contact all known MAG clan leaders and send them the link with the possibility of MAG on PS4 through PlayStation Now. We need leadership now more than ever to be able to get back to playing MAG. Unfortunately I’m not a regular poster, but I am a occasional reader, and I did what I could by getting this idea out there for MAG fans! Please post all your responses on the Sony PlayStation Now Forum. And don’t forget to get the word out to our multi-lingual MAG Forums Worldwide! Thank you all for your help, and for keeping MAG alive!

  • }/o

    This is the most commented and most view page on this site that tells you something about MAG and its player base. And We deserve a MAG 2.

  • Combat Soldier

    Nobody is really willing to lead this cause who are we kidding…. its not so much about the money at first , at first its about barging into SONYS front doors and making them hear what needs to be heard. Making them understand the capabiities , possibilities and potential this operation has. then the money will start to come in from all directions . That man that has the knowledge and capabilities to put this in front of SONYS face and make them smell what is cooking needs to step up and just do it. do it , start it , now. If not now then when?

  • thiago nunes

    If you were already Raven player must have found me in some matches.

    My ID was Offroia, and I played in the clan [BIG].

    Since the MAG closed the servidore, I never looked at my PS3 in the same way. The game was great and addictive! Were 1800 hours of play, about 50 veterans.

    I bought a PS4 in hopes of Planetside 2 provide me something like I had with the MAG, but apparently I was wrong.

    Why the hell not Sony remade the mag? The game could have been better if he had received the necessary support and attention.

    Why the hell do not we organize and ordered a new MAG?

    If the appeal of the players is great, I think we can achieve something.

    Why not try to speak to Mr Yoshida?

    Your twiiter is: https://twitter.com/yosp

    Let’s try?

    Add me on facebook (Offroia Psn), and we will try to organize ourselves. I have contact with hundreds of MAG players.

    If we join we can make noise and be heard!

    • Combat Soldier

      I remember the clan , I think i remember playing with you in the same company a few times mate. If you were ever in my platoon and i was PL you would have heard me . BOW and NSK were also good raven clans

  • RandomBlueDot

    The post has been updated http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Now/MAG-on-PlayStation-Now/m-p/44923013#M2817
    Like I’ve said previously, I’m not a regular poster on forums, and I don’t use social media very much if at all, but I’m doing what I can. While I’ve played on many different clans and all factions alike (much like a mercenary plying his trade), I was a ‘Random’ for the most part. I do realize the power of clans in MAG and organizations in general, but I like my independence and anonymity as well. I have no clan contacts or any clan pull, or influence, so I’m relying on those who can do what they can in that respect. My main idea is to show Sony that it simply makes financial sense to make MAG available through PlayStation Now streaming service on PS4. The key to this idea is my belief that former, and future MAG players have realized that they will buy a PS4, if they haven’t already, and pay a monthly subscription fee in order to be able to play MAG on PS4. This realization came to me after I had tried playing various successors like Dust 514 and Planetside 2. Part of the problem with these F2P or ‘Freemium’ game modes is that they feel more like Pay To Win, and don’t play like MAG at all. I believe that SOCOM community is more or less the same as the MAG community. However SOCOM fans seem to have some similar games in the works, like H-Hour, and on Steam Source Engine Mod. I’m not sure who is the driving force behind the development of these other two games, like I said I’m not really in the know, especially about SOCOM. I was hoping that someone might know something, or someone, and able to get the word out that MAG players are ready to do, and pay, whatever it takes to either play The Original MAG, or a MAG 2 Sequel. Bottom line MAG fans, you have to be ready to put your money where your mouth is as in to be ready to pony-up after having realized that there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ and that somebody has to pay do develop the game that we want to play. Sony, or any other game developer for that matter will not spend their money for no reason. They will spend money to make a game that will make them money. The only reason they make a F2P ‘Freemium’ games is so that they can sucker gamers in and take their money bit by bit. I’m against this particular way of selling games to us gamers, but I would spend money on a F2P version of MAG 2 sequel if it ever comes out. There I have said it! As much as it pains me to even think about a F2P version of a MAG which some of you who are not as well off yet financially have been clamoring for, I would and will commit to the cause. The cause that I’m asking you to commit to is be ready to pay a monthly subscription to play MAG on PS4 by streaming in on PlayStation Now! Not sure what else to say, except that it seems to me that there are still active clans from MAG that are now playing Planetside 2 and Dust 514, and if we can get some kind of help or support from them as well, it would be greatly appreciated! It seems to me like a lot of these clans have started up during MAG, and I think that they need to remember their roots! Lastly, I would like to offer up one last thought: as long as these clans and other random players keep playing and supporting Planetside 2 and Dust 514, there will not be a MAG 2 sequel made or considered by Sony at all. I’m not trying to tell people to stop playing these two particular games if they like to play them, I’m just saying that for Sony these are the replacement games for MAG as far as they’re concerned. That’s why I thought it would make more sense for Sony to bring back The Original Mag on PS4 by streaming it on PlayStation Now. Please post any of your thoughts or ideas here & everywhere else that you can, or can think of and all MAG fans will thank you!

  • Guest12345

    I’d really love for a mag 2 to come out, but I’d rather not have to purchase a ps4 to play it.

  • if1991

    please come out with mag again . that game was so raw when i first played on ps3 . why do ppl let the good stuff go

  • not Michael Barton

    Of course none of us would rather pay anymore than we have to in order to play a game that we really like, and really we should have to. But due to various factors like development costs, sufficient sales to recoup these costs plus any profit. Combined with a consistent and active player base, I’m stressing active because toward the end of the life cycle of MAG there wasn’t enough players most times to play even a match of Domination or any of the other Expansion DLC Packs. Personally I’ve quit playing it on two different occasions to play something else since I’ve gotten bored of playing MAG, and yes you can get bored of MAG, or at least get ‘burned-out’ playing it. I did come back to play it as soon as I heard that it was getting shut down, in the end having a combined total of about 2,000 hours across 3 PMC’s. I’m sure that most MAG players did not play as much towards the end (save for the last month or so) compared to how much they played when they first started playing MAG. So to that extend, most players have abandoned MAG to some degree or another (unless they were a true regular die-hard of MAG, which I’m sure there were quite a few of those as well). Even though not all of us maybe a true die-hard players, or fans, I would say that we care enough to support MAG if indeed it does become viable. Whether that’s through PlayStation Now on PS4, or if it shows up on Kickstarter.com to pledge at least $100-$200, or whatever else we can to make sure that MAG can become a reality and a continued ongoing success with our unwavering support in terms of money and by regular playing of MAG when available (at least couple of hours weekly). I’m not sure who Michael Barton is, and maybe someone can shed some more light on him from this site, or elsewhere, so that maybe we can go to the source of this particular rumor on this site. Once again, if the figures of this rumor are anywhere close to reality, the subject of cost an money will come up, and will have to be addressed by us – MAG fans & players! If you do some basic math, you can figure that if 1,000 people donated $200/each, that would be enough for the $200k Havok Engine (not sure if that includes the rights to MAG, or if it will just be a lease). Either way, we’d probably need another 1,000 people to raise another $200k or so to get it up-to speed on PS4. It might take another $100k-$200k to Re-Master it for PS4 which would be well worth the money since the Re-Mastered MAG might as well be MAG 2. Therefore we are looking at a minimum of $500k-$600k to get MAG up and running with a support of 2,500-3,000 people donating about $200/each. Obviously if we can get double amount of support (5,000-6,000 people), the per/each cost would be cut in half to $100/each, and 10,000 people would be $60/each which is the cost of a typical game. Which brings me to another point, if MAG followed a F2P model, how many people would be playing the game on regular basis, and how much would each person have to pay to recoup the very rough guesstimate of $600k start-up costs? Planetside 2 statistics on Steam show about 6,000-7,000 players during peak, and it seems that these are fairly regular players, and I believe that MAG had a similar number of players even several years even after it’s decline. So my math still seems to be in line of $100/person (at least $85/person) based on $600k costs. So correct me if I’m wrong, but how many of us have spent $100 on a F2P game? The most I’ve spent was $20/each for Dust 514 & Planetside 2 to get early in on the Beta releases, and I haven’t played those games since. I probably would spend $100 on MAG if it was F2P since I would do it just to support it so that some other MAG player who makes less money than me can play it as well. Plus we have to recoup the costs of MAG to justify it for the Developers to let us keep playing MAG (or Re-Mastered MAG 2). Which brings me to the final point that I would figure that about half of people can pay $100 or less (down to $0/each), therefore the other half would have to pay $100 or more (up to $200/each) in order to recoup the cost of $600k for start-up costs based on 6,000 people & $600k start-up costs. So this is a more of Kickstarter.com idea to get funding for this ‘rumor-idea’ of this Michael Barton, or any other Developer(s) who might jump onto this idea to develop MAG 2, or any other similar knock-off type game which might be way cheaper for everyone involved – especially us players!

  • thiago nunes

    Why not contacted Michael Barton?

    We can see if this rumor has some basis!

    If true, we could let him know that there are many interested in helping “financially” the revival of MAG!

    Why the hell do not we try?

    This guy may not be as hard to find.

    Let’s do that such a group and centralize all efforts?

    Someone who is interested, please reply!

    PSN ID> Offroia

  • Joelobn

    This needs to happen asap, haven’t bought a PS4 but I would if MAG returns. It’s been a year since they shouted down the servers And I think about it and miss MAG every single day since then.

  • Combat Soldier

    It’s over. Let it go boys, LET IT GO. RIP.

  • Shut yo mouth

    Sony sells off planet side 2 dev SOE. Now I think there may be a better chance for MAG 2. The venture capitalist company that bought them is gonna gut them and sell them for parts. They already started big layoffs. With no future competition for a massive multi player game MAG has a better chance or something comparable.

    • red-dot-im-not

      I got a bit excited with possibilities upon hearing this news as well. Alas, upon further inquiry into information available on the internet for all, it appears that Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) did not produce MAG on PS3. Instead, it was Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) which probably still owns the rights to MAG. The good news is that this brings us back to the possibility of MAG on PS4 as a streamed game via PlayStation Now service. There was a recent question on a PlayStation Now Games List thread (page 27) http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Now/PlayStation-Now-Title-List/td-p/44466574/page/27

      As far as MAG 2 rumor, here’s a link to Michael Barton’s twitter

      I’m not holding out much hope for MAG 2 on PS4 as long as Planetside 2 is still a viable game on PC and PS4. So I would encourage all Planetside 2 players to make their voices heard by all those who would hear that you would like to see MAG 2 as a replacement for Planetside 2.
      I will not let MAG go! Hopefully neither will you! Yes, we all, or most of us have moved on, but let us not forget MAG! MAG may you RIP for now until your resurrection on PlayStation Now, or as MAG 2 on PS4!

      • sSkillaz336 .

        It’s weird how I randomly just now thought about mag like 3 years later and decided to Google it and yes we need a new mag

  • patientturrr .

    please back mag!!! please please please we are miss mag! we are sver and Turks clan. we are here 20 member here! BlackEagle79-CMYLMZ2-BiGBOSS_UGUR

  • Peter Mookowski

    The game that made me famous. Deathcow13

    • Joshua K

      I remember you…we had a pretty furious back and forth sniper battle once…i was jimihendrix13…that was probably one of the best matches I’ve ever played

  • Peter Mookowski

    This game was the reason i bought two ps3 what game has 256 pplayers ar one time best game i have played. Yes get mag back on both network’s pa3&ps4 and mag2 i been begging foreveR for that to happen.thwy should of keep adding maps and weapons. And other thing’s.like i said i play mag from day one.wish i could play it now.because i would love that .Deathcow13 Deathcow13 Deathcow13

  • patientturrr .

    (twitter) i write: Dear Shuhei Yoshida,Kaz Hirai
    We can’t make ourselves heard. But we want you to know that we are a big family who love MAG. If you launch a new MAG version (or MAG) for PS4, i know thousands of people who will purchase PS4. Please recognise us and take us seriously. We adore MAG and missed it too much.

  • Joelobn

    Somebody, anybody save MAG!

  • Kameho

    I swear, If they also make it for PC (This will almost ensure its survival)
    Steam release or whatnot and ofc being ontop of PS4.

    I will buy this game. I will dedicate the stores I run for this game (be on all the DEMO-Consoles as the playable game).

    If there is a kickstarter somewhere. I’ll drain my wallet to it.

    Ever since MAG shut down, I’ve been almost been a depressive feeling.
    I miss that game so much. Despite all the flaws.
    The setting, the “little story” it had was pretty interesting. I just like the whole concept.

    If not the game itself, but the Universe around MAG.
    Always been a fan of PMC vs PMC stories.

    Dear god Hope this rumor is true.

    And if it does only come for PS4.
    Then I’ll buy a PS4 just to play this game. (despite having top notch gaming PC)

    • jordanmars

      Couldnt explain my feelings any better. Lets hope this happens!

  • MAGforever

    Hey! Someone started a kickstarter for M.A.G. 2 Its called M.A.G. Chaos Reborn!!! Check it out!!!https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1786760315/mag-chaos-reborn

    • really….. Really, Come on.

      I looked at this kickstarted and can’t see how they could do this without renaming for copyright purposes and employing former key staff from zipper interactive. I also don’t see the unreal engine could be used for such a game.

  • Guest
  • Murat Tuna
  • Murat Tuna


    • patientturrr .

      yürü be murat klanca arkandayız 😀

    • patientturrr .

      ismail abileri de ayaklandır 🙂

  • patientturrr .
  • Killa G

    I want MAG 2 for my PS4! I miss MAG for the PS3.

  • International806

    I would purchase in-game stuff in MAG 2. MAG was the best game ever, and I have played videogames since Atari launched the VCS 2600.

  • sSkillaz336 .

    I have 500 hours put in mag I really want a mag 2

  • Sasa Hrstic

    I miss my big sniper end game fack you sony

  • boss

    my first reason to buy ps3 was MAG

  • Kyle

    I really loved that game. Just the atmosphere of that game was unique for a tactical FPS. Now, with this possible development, we can have fun again :D.

  • Dai10zin

    Loved MAG, but the problem was having three factions and making the stages so woefully unbalanced. Killed the game for many.

  • grooth

    Yes thank you I been looking for an article like this follow my page on facebook mag 2 it’s a fan page trying to get more hype for it

  • Jon Lake

    God please please please be true. I seriously miss that game, just got back around to re buying it, then found out the servers closed down. REMAKE MAG! Every last person on here needs to petition sony entertainment to remake MAG. It was the only game of its kind, absolutely huge gaming, 256 people, battlefield 4 attachment options before bf3, i mean, they need to make another.

  • Beefy

    This needs to happen. The free to play business plan becomes expensive as a consumer but if the map quality and game play was exciting and new, I can see this becoming a “killer” app for the PS4. I hope someone has the balls to make bring this to reality.

  • Jason Steadman

    We can always dream.. lol
    I’d pay 100 bucks right now for MAG 2 without even seeing a trailer.

    Unfortunately this article is from over a year ago, and Michael Barton appears to be just some guy with a pimp ass suit that has nothing to do with making video games. Whoever started the kickstarter is now in an intellectual property dispute. Don’t get your hopes up.

    • Steve Bishop

      What a sad state Sony has let this potential franchise become. MAG was a one-of-a-kind game that was the most fun I’ve ever had on a console.

  • Mikey

    MAG was a banging game totally gutted that the servers are shut the games was the business a had 2 tvs and ps3s wired up my room seshing the shit out of it with the lads awesome game 10/10

  • TS

    Every couple months I look around to see if anyone is trying to do something similar. Big battles, the option for a solid stealth/sniper playstyle . . . miss MAG like nothing else

  • Devin Lee Seymour

    Favorite game ever. I would buy a ps4 if it happened.

  • Kirito Kiriguya

    If this is hell of true it would make me soo happy.. To know that my favorite game will be coming out for the ps4.. i was very upset when game severs of got shut down… know this make me soo happy.. if i had money i would donate it.. goodluck i give you all my support

  • Matt Overholtzer

    Some of my best gaming memories were from mag so this made me tear up with happiness. Even if it is just a rumor.#bestgameever #memories #MAGLYFE

  • Ryan May

    I really hope this is true! This my favorite game of all time and I’ll be ao happy if it comes back! #Raven

  • Fred

    I would help fund this on kickstarter in a heartbeat.

  • Motorlublin81

    Mag mag mag only Mag

  • Musle Udon

    MAG is the best FPS what I’ve ever played.

    • Joshua Lebeda


  • zeball

    MAG is much much much much better than planetside 2!!!! I don’t understand why they don’t do the same game for the PS4!!!

    • Dirk Farkington

      MAG was one of my favorite FPS from last gen. I’m tired of the two big franchises.

  • Fred Feit

    Mag was my passion was one of the 1500 to have 100 percent completion would love to be able to play again

  • Camilo Andres Castro

    MAG, after almost 2 years I still miss the game like I just played yesterday…

  • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

    “Won’t make it dumb like Mag! Why would Sver defend Ravens territory?” So throw balance out the window like the start of MAG.

  • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

    love how people are saying it’s there fav and yet the servers are down because nobody played it.

    • Michael Wolff

      Tons of people played it the ONLY issue it had was you usually had to play at certain times to play certain matches Cause it seemed the player base had a traditional 9 to 5 job so morning was sabotage/suppression. mid day 11am to 4pm was acqusition. and after that was mainly interdiction and domination.

    • YourfailedLifeiswWhatisFunny

      then you never seen the begining of it …the problem its was sony servers then SOCOM was their goal then ps4..Zipper was sony funded and owned and becasue there awa no real continious income in this gred filled corporate world they shut down the servers Nuff said

  • Ricardo Santos

    If MAG 2 is released is the only reason to buy a PS4… I miss MAG…

  • Anthony

    Actually thousands of people played it (Opinios) but it went down because there were people who stopped playing it. On the last few days of the game tons of players got on again, and the lobbies were full. This shows that people are still willing to play mag, i personally would love to see mag upgraded and put on a next gen system. Please bring back MAG sony!!

  • Justin Warrington

    Please make another mag. That game was amazing and I guarantee people will love it if they made the same consent with big maps and how you caN communicate with each other and squads plattons the whole nine yards… if promoted more often people will come to play and the game will live on for a long time.. I miss the first mag so please hurry and make another 1

  • Nick Irvin


  • Jason Steadman

    GFDI MAKE MAG 2! OR AT LEAST FUCKING RERELEASE MAG FOR PS4 WITH SOME UPDATED GRAPHICS! Srsly man.. I know 100 people who would buy it for 100 bucks right now. WHAT IS THE FREAKING PROBLEM HERE SONY?!?

  • Darren Pringle
  • Lilpallstar

    When is mag two going to drop





  • Whiskey7

    I wish they would bring MAG 2 to PS4!

  • nathan

    MAG was honestly the best fucking game ive ever played and it was my first first person shooter I <3 MAG

  • Jay

    Thay got us hook like crack heads

  • Justin hayes

    I would play this to death. Specially if it was like planet side 2 and was open world. I just wanna see a lot of customizations and a bunch of team work. When I see team work I get even more excited

  • Fred

    This guy or someone should get the rights to the game and take it to kickstarter, I’ll back it big time, not just a little donation I’d donate thousands if it meant we can get MAG back.

  • Indyolino

    Some people talking about destiny 2, others saying the division was an mmo and others bleehh like that and im just sitting here remembering the good times with another 255 players, thats is massive, no this bullshit, instanced, coop likely with tons of loading! I dont understand, where are the massive games like that today? Mag managed to put 256 at the same time and was the best experience i had, of course theres planetside 2 but i dont like the theme of it. Lets wait some hit this jar of gold and make millions! 🤗

  • Tobias Buser

    i would pay 50$ per month for this game. it was the best for years.
    battlefield 1/2/3/4 are nice but 32vs32 are nothing