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How About a Wii U Gamecube Controller?

How About a Wii U Gamecube Controller?

imgmr: The people have spoken! As you would surely agree, the GameCube controller was amazing and innovative. It stuck for two whole generations and people still want it around. Nintendo needs to hear this.

On change.org, fans have banded together to sign a petition to send to Nintendo. Quite simply, this is a petition to persuade Nintendo into making a GameCube-style controller for the Wii U. The controller itself has been a fan-favorite during the GameCube and Wii era and used in many games, notably Super Smash Bros. Melee on GameCube and Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wii. When the Wii U came out, it was unfortunate that GameCube controllers would no longer be usable on the new console. It was up to third parties to keep it alive and make adapters that allowed users to connect said controllers to use on Wii U. These adapters, like this one here, treated the GC controllers as Classic Controllers when plugged in. However, the buzz kill here is that the GC controllers lacks some buttons that newer controllers have now, such as the ZR and ZL buttons, clickable control sticks and a bigger right stick than the old C-stick.

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