Flappy Sperm: Two Spermy Flappy Bird Clones


Coinarcade: As we seem to be Flappy Bird central these last few days, we figured we may as well go all out and hit you with some more Flappy Bird-related information. This time it’s a bit spermy – which, if I’m honest, is perfectly fine with me.

Since posting our list of some of the best rip-offs and clones of the famous and briefly popular game, an indie game-making jam has broken out in an effort to show support for Flappy Bird’s sole developer, Dong Nyugen. With many browser-based, mobile and downloadable games free to play, there’s plenty to see: some games that differ from Flappy Bird’s formula subtly or heavily, some easier or more difficult than Flappy Bird and some that even vastly improve upon the game. And, even though the jam’s deadline isn’t until the 24th, there’s already two games that decided this newly popular genre needed a bit more sperm and isn’t that just dandy?

The first game is Flappy Sperm from Timberwolf Games, which is about as difficult as Flappy Bird and sees you traverse your way to the egg, avoiding ‘random egg things’ and gaining high scores and achievements. Fallopian Bird from Jonochrome is perhaps even more difficult and fast-paced than Flappy Bird (my high score remains to be only 7) and has you avoiding, uh… tubes as you head towards the uterus. Also, if you die, you explode into little sperm baby thingies. So there’s that.

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